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    Unlock your full potential.

    With supremely capable instructors and convenient class scheduling, Texoma Judo & jujitsu is the perfect place for beginners and seasoned martial artists to learn and grow.




Martial Arts | Wichita Falls, TX | Texoma Judo & Jujitsu | 940-733-7330

Try A FREE Introductory Session

Not sure if Judo or Jujitsu are right for you? Why not give it a shot for free? Spend some time with our instructors learning the exciting basics of martial arts and self-defense.

And if you’re looking for a great activity for the entire family, we offer fantastic discounts that will allow you to affordably spend time together learning valuable life skills.

Call today to schedule: 940-733-7330

Study Under Judo | Jujistu Masters

Studying Judo and Jujitsu can be an extremely rewarding experience, especially when you study under experienced instructors.

Our team of coaches, led by founder and owner Sensei Roy Hash, will enable you to unlock your full potential with martial arts and other aspects of life.

Visit us: 2909 Lydia Drive, Wichita Falls

Self-Defense | Wichita Falls, TX | Texoma Judo & Jujitsu | 940-733-7330

Learn Practical Self-Defense

Life is all about confidence. How would you feel knowing that you have the ability to safely defend yourself in real-life, practical situations?

Our Jujitsu classes teach a mixture of striking and free-style grappling that will allow you to defend yourself should the need arise and provides a great fitness workout as well.

Email: royhash@juno.com

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